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Your wings

Your wings

Could carry me away

The secret is tucked away safe

For now I sit

In my corner of the world

Wondering what you are doing in yours

Sometimes I think I could read your thoughts

Scary as this might sound

It would be nice to have one of your thoughts

Include me

Then again

Do I really want to know what goes through your head

It would seem

Those eyes are not the ones who are watching me

I am watching those eyes from all sides

You will not see me

You will not hear from me

But if we ever meant

It would be the strangest thing yet

Love comes in the strangest forms

My love comes in an unexpected form

I have viewed your blog

And no I am not going to be a stalker

Wondered which questions would be chosen

And known for some reason mine would be ignored

Because they were not by definition good questions

One night I thought I have actually saw you

No it was just all a made up fairy tale looming through my head

Again and again

Who knew

Again and again

I refuse to let go

I refuse to give in

I refuse to let your wings

Take my heart away

And let it crash on the rock below

One thought is never enough

Not all the wishes in the world

Could work their wonders

It would take a twist in fate

The laughter still ecos through my head

Over and over again

It is like you are laughing at me

The laughter rises and falls

Most of the time

It is in my head

The laughter was soft this time

Maybe the rocks below are more genital

Than your smile

The way those eyes

Seem to prob my soul

Even when they do not look directly at me

When you saw my photo

I could tell you saw what I saw

A little girl

You used that to scare me

At any rate I am at a loss for any explanation

To your intention

And will think more about it later

Poems for me

Hes inside my head

Kind of a heart wreck

It all came down

To the final round

When I realized

The voice exists inside my head

So this page will be the resting place

For all those drawings that have been

Feeding my obsession

How the pretty girl

Inside me wanted your attention

Too bad

I will litter my profile with your image

So have fun with your big exciting life

Traveling from city to city

It all made me realize on thing

You made things obvious and still do

So I will pop by every now and then

Showing a small smile

And laugh a little to myself

Share a small part of the world

With my friend Adam

Form a few meaningful friendships

Realize fame is never handed to anyone

If it came down to it maybe

This pretty girl will realize

Gifts are not enough

To live a happy home

Somehow I wanted to know why

Why was it all coming full circle

Why could I hear his voice

In my head

I am not losing my mind


I refuse to believe this is some

Product my mind came up with

It was me guessing way too good

Just because something is obvious

Does not mean it is stupid

Just because something is overlooked

Will never lead a life full swing

At any rate sometimes

I really think I am going crazy

But I will do myself a favor

And listen to myself for awhile

See how that turns out

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